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PTV News, a 24-hour state news channel in Pakistan. PTV news provides English and Urdu news to the Pakistani community around the world. The channel was started in the late 2007. Until 2007, PTV News was known as PTV World It is one of a kind channel as it provides news in Arabic, Sindhi, Pashto, Kashmiri,and different other local languages. As the main Government News Channel of Pakistan, it's reports are for the most part good towards the current government, so due to this numerous individuals reprimand it’s out of line news reporting.

Pakistan TV News informs its viewers over the most recent newsworthy happenings on the national and global levels. During the recent years, there has been fast extension in the range and extent of news coverage. Improvement in the quantity of announcements has empowered PTV to keep the viewers side by side of the most recent happenings at the National and International level.

PTV News Channel telecasts extend over from dawn to dusk. There are two Urdu language bulletins in the morning transmission. In evening/night transmission, there are four brief time Urdu language bulletin, one Kashmiri language bulletin and one Arabic dialect news notices Al-Akhbar and 9 O'clock Urdu language khabarnama. All the news announcements after 6.00 p.m. are being circulated on the national systems which are broadcasted through satellite to more than 38 countries.

Regional language release in Punjabi from Lahore, Sindhi from Karachi, Pushto and Hindko from Peshawar and Baluchi, Brahvi and Pushto are broadcast from center to empower individuals of the territories to see and listen to Ptv News in their own particular language. Other than News updates the channel has many other programs for its viewers like, Insight with Sidra Iqbal, Date line Pakistan, Bulls and Bears, and corporate coffee.

You can watch these programs along with news updates on PTV News Live Streaming at PTV News is free channel and is almost all parts of Pakistan without requiring dish or cable. For this people who want to watch ptv news using dish antenna, it's frequency is as follows: 4000 V 3333, Sattelite: PakSat

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